Situational Awareness &

Travel Security


November 25, 2023



How often do you check your phone?

With the world of information at our finger tips, the addiction to social media and the insatiable need to look down and check your phone, society has developed tunnel vision and auditory exclusion at an alarming rate. The ability to be situationally aware of the dangers around us ceases to exist.

This seminar will address how to be more situationally aware - not paranoid... just aware. The seminar will also cover how to recognize some common characteristics of an armed person and how to travel safer by understanding Travel Security.

The program will cover the following:

  • Developing enhanced Situational Awareness
  • Recognizing Characteristics of an Armed Person
  • Applying Travel Security while on vacation or for work
  • Travel Security preparations 



  • All participants are responsible for their snacks & hydration
  • Alternative payment option is available through e-Transfer (Tuition fee plus tax)
  • Please ensure you read the cancellation policy

Nov 25 | Brantford


Spots Remaining: 30

1030 - 1400hrs