Use of Force Security Instructor Development


June 24-27, 2024

Course Length: 4 Days


Tirsia Tactical's Course Training Standard for the Subject Control and Defensive Tactics program is one of the most sought after curricula by law enforcement and protective services agencies.

The Use of Force Security Instructor Course is from the Tirsia Tactical Curriculum Training Standard and founded on the TRICOM system and is an extensive 4-day instructor development program designed as per the requirements of the City of Toronto Respite Centre contract. :

  • Legal authorities
  • Public Interaction Tool (Use of Force Model)
  • Arrest & Control
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Extendable Baton

The Use of Force Security Development Course will challenge both new as well as experienced instructors with multi-layered performance assessment measures. Participants will have the opportunity to deliver teach-backs, receive peer feedback and enhance their abilities to hone their teaching craft.

The course is competency-based and mere participation or attendance does not automatically assure instructor certification. Upon successful completion of the 32-hour course, participants will be accredited with a Tirsia Tactical Security Instructor Certification, along with training material, PowerPoints, and relevant instructor material.



  • Alternative payment option is available through e-Transfer (Tuition fee plus tax)
  • Please ensure you read the cancellation policy
  • Upon receipt of Course Tuition, joining instructions will be sent out to each Candidate

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June 24 - 27 | Toronto

0830 - 1630hrs