Arrest, Control &

Extendable Baton



September 18-20th, 2023

Course Length: 3 Days


The Arrest, Control and Extendable Baton Certification is a 3-day certification course designed for enforcement services, protective services and security professionals to acquire knowledge in arrest authorities, risk assessment and use of force.

The certification course will challenge both new as well as experienced participants. Participants will learn through different modes of instruction and the technical and practical knowledge will be assessed through scenario-based training.

Upon successful completion of the 24-hour course, participants will be accredited with their annual Certificate of Completion.

The program will cover the following:

  • Use of Force Theory and Legal Authorities
  • Arrest, Control & Custody
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Subject Control Dynamics
  • Extendable Baton
  • Scenario-Based Training



  • Training t-shirt / top; cargo pants; or uniform
  • Indoor mats shoes
  • Duty belt / full kit with chain-link handcuffs; handcuff key; baton scabbard; ASP / Nex / S&W / Bonowi baton
  • All participants are responsible for their own meals, snacks and hydration



  • All Candidates are responsible for their own accommodations, meals & hydration
  • Alternative payment option may be made through e-Transfer (Tuition fee plus tax)
  • Please ensure you read the cancellation policy
  • Upon receipt of Course Tuition, joining instructions will be sent out to each Candidate

Sep 18-20 | Ottawa


Spots Remaining: 8

0830 - 1630hrs